Welcome to Yukon SUP

In August 2014 I will embark on a special journey. My goal is to use a stand-up-paddle board to paddle down the Yukon river.

How did I get this idea? Well, it is not the first time I will travel that region. About 4 years ago I was on an Alaska cruise from Vancouver via Anchorage to Fairbanks. The landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful and I decided to come here again one day.

This year I got my hands on an Alaska tour guide book but this time it had to be special and a day or two in Yukon had to be squeezed in. Because I am an enthusiastic SUP-paddler, the trip had to be on the Yukon river which proved very suitable after a bit of research.

The Yukon is a relatively quite river with next to no rapids except the Five Finger Rapids in Carmacks. There are many canoe tour services available on the 740kms between Whitehorse and Dawson City but not one of them would accept me with a SUP.

After a bit of research I found Stuart from SUP-Yukon in Whitehorse. Stuart is planning to offer day trips on the Yukon river with SUPs and asked me to come on a test trip with him. As a tour like this is not suited for traveling alone my problem of not wanting to go alone was solved with this.


Now I had to organize my arrival in Whitehorse and departure in Dawson. I did not want to arrive or depart normally and after a few days of planning I had a good route planned out.

Departing Vancouver on a boat I will be traveling through the inside passe via Ketchikan and Juneau to Skagway in 4 days. Having arrived there I will take the train, which brought gold diggers to Yukon in the past, through White Pass to reach Whitehorse. On the pass lies Lake Bennet which somehow begs to be paddled on with the SUP, so I will camp one night on the shore of lake Bennet. In the next morning I plan to arrive in Whitehorse to meet guide Stuart and the other to paddlers.